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With my girls Margaux and Courtney at LoveGold.

look how nice y’all

What To Do When Both Pairs Are Calling Your Name.



This is quenching my Nike thirst

Both Cheeks.

Hi everyone! Please take a look at my new website for all of your beauty needs. I’ve been wanting to start this project for a while, so please give it some love<333

The Yellow Makeup You Didn’t Know You Needed

People of the Internet, I have found a solution for those with the fairly specific condition of relatively clear yellow-toned skin. If you do not need a face full of foundation but still want a little… somethin’ somethin’, then you probably  gravitate towards tinted moisturizers and the like. Well, stop doing that. You need to embrace the magic of yellow makeup. Yes I know that sounds a bit extreme ("I’m not a banana!" you say), but yellow makeup does not look as saturated when applied. Instead (shout out to the color wheel), this brightening shade neutralizes any redness and discoloration in your skin. So to remedy your skincare woes, we have the MAC CC cream with heaps of SPF to scare away those wrinkles, a lovely concealer from Benefit, and to top it all off - the one and only Bobbi Brown yellow face powder. I developed my yellow makeup obsession after realizing the little yellow powder in a Bobbi Brown concealer set actually looks great on your entire face. So, embrace your lemon-y-ness and start glowing ladies. You’re welcome. 

Shop the products: 

1. MAC Prep + Prime CC Color Correcting SPF 30

2. Benefit Lemon Aid

3. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow

#9: Video Fashion Week

Okay so if you love fashion (me), and fashion shows (me!), but spend more time watching them from your laptop than from the front row (me!!!!) then you can probably appreciate ~Video Fashion Week~. Let’s be honest, there is nothing inherently thrilling about watching a live stream of the runway. However, these creative interpretations of a designer’s collection-aesthetic-theme-vision are pretty inspiring. For example, the Ace & Jig S/S 2014 video above is such a cool stop motion look book I was compelled to write about it. I don’t care if the collection is super ugly. For a second I was almost convinced that overalls were cool. For a second. 

Watch some more video fashion week masterpieces here, including the brilliantly uncomfortable Rachel Antonoff extravaganza that I can only assume was directed by Lena Dunham. (Her boyfriend, sister, and mom make an appearance so it’s worth a click)


Music Monday: "Cavalier" - James Vincent McMorrow

Monday is over (as of a couple minutes ago), and I feel like winding down to some relaxing tunes. 

#7 The Row Pre-Fall 2014 Lookbook

Biggest shout out of the year goes to my favorite twins for their pre-fall look book. The lovely silver fox in the bottom photos is Linda Rodin —> yes as in Rodin face oil —> yes as in the creator of a face oil to end all face oils. A couple of ’90s super model babes are also featured in this look book. Not only is the casting spectacular, but the clothes are absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous outerwear, sophisticated tailoring, effortless basics, fur and leather … this collection is a sartorial feast.

Bravo Olsens, bravo.

> View the entire lookbook here

#7 PSA: Tom Ford Eyewear Trunkshow @ Bergdorf Goodman

As a college student I am continually broke. I’m talking orphan Annie broke. However, this will never-ever-ever-we-are-never-getting-back-together-like-ever drive me into Claire’s to pick out a pair of sunglasses. Yes, I may only buy one pair per summer, but lord have mercy on my soul I am determined to feign chicness through my accessories. So as a good samaritan, it is my responsibility to inform you all that there will be a [cue church bells] Tom Ford Eyewear Trunk Show at Bergdorf’s in NY on fifth avenue April 4th to the 10th. Even if you’re part of the financially impaired community like myself, how much fun is it to walk around Bergdorf’s and pretend you’re Blaire Waldorf? So go ahead - check out the trunk show and take some selfies in Tom Ford sunglasses. Maybe you’ll buy them, maybe you’ll have better judgment and save your money for idk… food. But I beg of thee, bask in the glory of high fashion optics and feel fabulous for a minute. I certainly will.